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Monday, March 03, 2003

My friend Bird has given me an exercise to list within 24 hours, on separate index cards, 100 things that I want. It is called the 100 Treasures. This is my list:

Be part of the flow
Learn something from everyone
My own car (Suzuki 4WD?)
To be better at sex
Travel through Asia
Learn Tarot
No borders
Spiritual enlightenment
Remain calm
A better memory!
To be less self-centred
Improve my healing skills
Have a spiritual ‘teacher’
Learn to build things
To make a difference
A clearer vision
To always be satisfied with my life to-date
More time!
Stronger friendships
Broader circle of friends
Closer to nature
Community lifestyle
Live in a creatively stimulating environment
Live with ‘spiritual’ people
Beauty surrounding me
A vegie patch
Live close to water
No self-doubt
Be a better listener
To be more open
Be less arrogant
Love unconditionally
Learn French
Mutually ‘in love’ relationship
Coach a kids’ footy team
To be less overbearing
Stop biting my fingernails
A heart of gold
My shoulder to get better
Better posture
Astral travel
Sensuous relationships
Peace on Earth
Learn to dance
Get rhythm!
Dockers Premiership
Kids (a few)
New sneakers
Be fitter
Be stronger
Ride my bike more
To direct
Remember my dreams
Global respect for the environment
To lose my inhibitions
No self-consciousness
Be better at receiving
Global community
Spend some time in Greece
Learn to surf
To act
Free-flowing creativity
A dog
To see more dawns
Write ‘that’ book
Write what I want for a living
To know
Learn to sing
New world order
No more itches
To give
Go to the cricket in the Caribbean
Visit Tasmania
Go to South America
Go to New Zealand
Talkback radio show
Better circulation
Learn Latin
Learn Spanish
Enlightened world leaders
Spiritual trip to India
Learn to ride a motorbike
Attend an AFL Grand Final
Go to a big soccer match in southern Europe or South America
An easy death


Blogger suze said...

Can I come to the AFL grand final with you?? Hopefully at the MCG, 100 000 fans roaring and Essendon!! Ca'an the bombers!!!

10:56 pm, April 22, 2006


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