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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

It’s been a big few weeks, and it all culminates now. Today I started back on radio, tomorrow I have my induction at Community Connections. Throw in today’s interview and the stereo I find myself listening to now and there are so many symbols that this year has now commenced. This is the beginning of something very special, a new journey that will take me beyond any previous experience and into the realms of my imagination. I have had time to reflect, but it seems that is over now. Now I get into the thick of things and return to the world wiser and better equipped to deal with its challenges. Yes, this is a special moment.

But I still have some unblocking to do, particularly with energy. I still get tired easily, and my headache at the moment is not something I’d like to take home with me at the end of every day. The energy is there for the taking, I breathe it is all the time, but something is stopping me from transforming it into something I can use and thrive on. This is a skill I must learn, and it need be a priority now that I am beginning to find myself needing it all the more regularly.

And the other thing I know I need is focus. I need to know what I’m doing and why, and I need to accept and recognise any guidance I receive in this regard. I need to keep opening up, to give my heart to the world and accept what it offers in return.

There is a fine line between passion and obsession, so it is imperative I remain on the right side of the two. It is also imperative that the ego remains subdued, passive in the face of the credit I am about to attract in ever increasing quantities. I must remain stable and healthy in the heart as well as the head.

I have a lot to offer, and now is the time to ensure it is received.


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