Keep it simple, silly

Friday, April 30, 2004

Yes, I’m better now. One call, one confirmation, no further questions, and I’m much, much better. She didn’t call because she didn’t want to give me the wrong impression, but in not calling all sorts of impressions raced through my mind instead. But it’s all good now, and the cards are telling the story as it unfolds: now comes Understanding as the fighting works itself out. We have many beautiful years ahead in whatever form they may take, platonic or otherwise – it doesn’t really matter.

She said she loves me, but for the moment only as a friend. And that’s fine, it may well stay that way. But my guard is down now, I have nothing to hide and nothing to prove, and as a result there is every chance she will now fall in love with me. And I’m not being arrogant when I say I couldn’t blame her, because this episode has helped me discover my own beauty and now I don’t fear it nearly as much as I did. I am learning to love it, and as I do, those around me surely will too. Life is beautiful!


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