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Friday, November 19, 2004

After a month in America, this is what I’ve learned:
· American toilets must have been designed by a woman. It is impossible to pee in them standing up without splashing your leg.
· Preconceived ideas are just ideas.
· Between black and white is not grey. Between black and white is the entire spectrum of colour.
· Just like everywhere else, American people are incredibly warm and giving.
· Nobody is warm and giving if you’re not.
· Americans are doing their best.
· Nobody is perfect.
· My life hasn’t changed because Bush won the election. Nor has it changed because Howard did.
· Bush and Howard are doing their best.
· Nobody is perfect.
· Life is amazing.
· The world really is wonderful.
· Do yourself a favour. Whenever you can.
· Kindness is contagious.
· Americans love Australians.
· Questions cease when life becomes a mystery.
· If you want an energy crisis, equip every home with a dryer and none with washing lines.
· Americans like big vehicles. This probably doesn’t help either.
· Where are all the guns?
· On average for me, two out of three American homes do not lock their doors.
· They don’t always lock their cars either.
· In the Land of the Free, nothing is.
· Privatising phone companies is not necessarily a good idea.
· Home is where the heart is, and heart is happy to move.
· Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans, only if you’re making other plans.
· All things must pass.
· I think therefore I am. Without thought, what am I?
· Thinking really is dangerous.
· The best thing about America is being here.
· Cheap labour could be America’s greatest resource.
· A fair go could be Australia’s
· God is in everything I see, whatever God may be.
· So who am I to question or doubt what I see?
· If there is a battle between Man and Nature, Nature is winning. Any way you look at it, She cannot lose.
· I am incredibly fortunate.

Thank you.


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