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Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Man who would be Pope
My apprenticeship is coming to an end and my job is beginning. Things better left unsaid are now ready for the telling. The time has come to speak to those who haven’t yet heard, to awaken the souls of the great herd. Time is short yet we have all there is in the world.

I am opening now, ripe and ready. Bridging worlds: the lost and the found, poor and wealthy, left and right, all together in one melting pot, all for one, one for all. It is time, it is time.

The cards have spoken. They always do. A question of finance became the solution I always knew, yet readily forget. I need to give it up, let it go, integrating all as one, a new vision from the Creator. Patience comes from slowing down.
Trust. Have faith. It is all coming together and working through me. Just sit, wait, be patient, and the call will come. Let wisdom work its wonders, let miracles abound, let the words come through me, let the pen write them down.

The answer is now, it is right here. I watch, I wait, I hear. Trust, have faith, we are so near.


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