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Monday, January 03, 2005

I am so grateful: for the father who gives and gives and gives and never gives up; for the mother who gave so much and takes such delight; for Katie who’s connected me to me and her and you; for the stars in the sky that remind me every night; for the sun that blinds me with its light; for every moment, no matter how long they take; for the law that guides me every step of the way.

I’m grateful for the people who populate my life: for Martina who reminds me what friends are for; for Sara for showing me that what is is and what was isn’t; for Tiff for being such a delight; for Eileen and her beautiful, bright eyes; for gorgeous Kate and all she’s taught me in such a short time; for Johno for showing me that not all is what it seems; for Amy and Ragnar and their ceiling; for dreams.
And I’m grateful for the Grand Canyon, for tsunamis, for quakes and for floods for reminding me so regularly that Nature is our Queen not our slave; for cracks in the sidewalk that show me She still knows; for every cigarette butt, every noxious gas, every piece of plastic that shows me Her in another form.


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