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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It's been a long time between drinks. At least, it's been a long time since my last post. With Mexico beckoning across the valley here in San Diego, it seems as though an update on the travels of this one may be in order.

Two and a half months ago I told you about the fetid beach of Santa Monica. If you missed that tome, you may still find it at Or not. I returned to Santa Monica during the School for The Work with Byron Katie, and again after it finished, and the place changed immeasurably. On the return visits I saw nothing but beauty and inspiration. The same has been true for most of my travels since. The colour of my perception has been entirely shaded by thought. I am told true clarity lies only in the 'no mind' space: If it is true that I think therefore I am, what happens when I don't think? I can't say, all I know is that the closer I get to it the more incredible life becomes.

I have been subject to a very generous and warm experience here in the States. Of the two and a half months I've been here, I've paid for accommodation on no more than a dozen occasions. I've been taken out to dinner at some really fine restaurants, taken to plenty of sites and attractions, met some wonderful people and been taken into the lives and homes of many. There is nothing about this place I do not like, and I'm thoroughly grateful for the experience.

Ah, the experience. Hot springs, Las Vegas, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, community farms, coffee shops, long walks, redwoods, bars, restaurants, Christmas dinners (2), Thanksgiving dinners (2), Byron Katie events (2), warm conversation, night-long snuggles (many), hugs (more), release (plenty), tears, laughter, joy, downpours, waterfalls down stairs and cascades down pavements, airplane underbellies directly overhead, incredible sunsets over the ocean, across the bay, atop hills and in the desert, snow, mountains, celebration, tamales, painting ceilings, Adyashanti, Amma, book launches, DVDs, movies, music, driving, Christmas lights, Solstice sunrise, concerts, birthdays, baseball and grid iron on the tellie, gardens, the Hoover Dam, Sedona, LA, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Berkeley, Oakland, Sonoma County, Tucson, La Jolla, incredible beaches, dogs, cats, kids, buses, trains, elections, Dodge trucks and hybrid cars, cable television, cable internet, DSL, phone calls to friends and families, card shops, emails, starfish, sea lions, record stores, thrift shops, book shops, travel guides and Opal, Trivial Pursuit, Cowlesy and Sara and Kate and Amy and Nate and Sam and Scott and Eileen and Bill and Clem and June and Alyson and Kathy and David who have all given me a place to stay, all the others who have offered, the people who have offered me money, those who have offered suggestions on how to earn it, those who have made it possible for it not to be necessary, the wisdom of the homeless, A Course in Miracles, hotels, motels, hostels, the Green Tortoise, the Green Card Lottery, The Work, pulling weeds, eating kim chi, burritos, horchata, burgers, fasting, dancing, compassion, possibilities, chance encounters, amazing coincidences, synchronicity, true love, gifts, light, White Stone Sunday, intimacy, rivers and bays and oceans and floods, mountain lions and squirrels and gophers and skunks, gum trees, hula hoops, ashrams, bowling alleys, New Years Eve, crystals, straight roads and bendy ones, architecture, the Golden Gate Bridge, markets, cleaning classrooms, adventure. Just a taste of the experience that keeps on happening all around me; every moment afresh with possibility, unplanned, exciting, another opportunity to fall in love.

The road ahead is as mysterious as I could hope. I know so little of what it holds. Mexico seems too close to miss this time, the third that I've been within 60 miles of the border. Its gravitational pull is becoming irresistable as I feel it drag me in. If I find myself there, all I believe I know is that my direction is south. We'll see.

I aim to let you know how it goes.


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