Keep it simple, silly

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sitting on a bed in Hermosillo, Mexico, knowing that I could be anywhere, and realising there is nothing left to say.

So beautiful, so still, the earth turns gently and we only know the Sun rises and sets and rises again.

This is the longest moment, an eternity of bliss, and all I can do is sit and watch and fall in love.

And then I remember and the moment disappears, an instantaneous spark in the fireworks of life.

But the memories don’t last, and I find myself back in the moment, absorbed in it, a part of it, all of it.

I am disappearing. I have no place here. The body moves, the pen writes words, and I continue to watch. These are not my words, this is not my hand, I am simply sharing the eternal with the infinite, and in the infinite I disappear. Gone, a blip on the cosmic radar.

There are no words left. There is nothing to discuss. I can only watch, immerse myself in eternal joy.

It is happy now. Very happy.

This is La-La Land and it’s Lo-Lo-Lovely.


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