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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Look at this. Look at this situation and laugh. Nothing is impossible, nothing stands between here and eternity. This is eternity. It is the way and the life. There are no questions in eternity, for everything has been answered, which leaves only what is, and that is eternal.

We lie and wait for the impossible, the improbable, when here it is flowering all around us. None of this could have been imagined without the spark of the impossible, and all of it exists by virtue of the improbable. No stone unturned, everything where it should be, and harmony abounds. So clear, so beautiful, the sun on a clear day: so incredible it is blinding. And that is where the problem lies: the truth too is blinding, blinding of all that has been believed before. And this is frightening to one who holds desperately to what they think they know, shrinking from the truth, turning away and stepping into the darkness, preferring to be lost than found in a world not of their making. The arrogance. Who are we to assume that we know best when the evidence abounds that we don’t? Stumbling, falling, breaking our necks in the darkness, pain becomes reality and fear the light that takes us deeper into the interminable cavern of the ego, where no true light shines and everything is a reflection of suffering.

This is not the way home. Blindness is the way. Blindness to all we thought was real, and clarity to all that is. Removing our hands from our eyes is the toughest task, for we really don’t want to know the truth: admitting that we were wrong for what seems so long gives the illusion of suffering to an ego-driven mind, while the truth is nothing could be more beautiful.

So we see what we see and the truth lies hidden. Everywhere around us yet still hidden. What a strange world this is.

Uncover your eyes, stranger, and be a stranger no more. Love is all there is. Be it.

Thank you.


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