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Friday, March 11, 2005

My last day in Mexico City. Birds chirp, traffic hums, the giant flag flaps to my right as the wind whispers past me.

A day full of thoughts, coming at me in a relentless barrage, unforgiving, trying to take me back to my old home in Never-Neverland. It is hard to remain aware when wandering, as though the mind follows the body on a random excursion to nowhere.

And still I am mostly clear. A voice speaks through me often and I hear it, communicate it. Mostly it has a home, a mouthpiece. Mostly it is heard and often it is understood. I do not pretend to be anything special, only a conduit, like us all. And I need remember this, because it would be easy to fall into the trap of believing it is me talking, into believing that I somehow know something others don’t. I know how easy it is, for I have done it before. Many times. And I know how painful it can be to be found out and have the illusion shatter like pure crystal on a marble floor. All the better, for reality provides a firmer footing.

It is so easy to take the kudos to heart, so easy to believe the hype, that all I can do is try to remain aware and let the truth flow freely while stopping the bullshit in its tracks as often as possible.

The real me does not exist, it is nothing. I have nothing. Nothing is mine, not even my name. I need this knowledge to stay with me for I am entering risky territory. Many have entered and left with tail between legs, red-faced and found out. It can get to your head, like everything. I need to stay true: to them, to me, to the world, the universe. Humility and honesty will take me far, arrogance and ignorance will hurt everybody.

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me. I feel the Love of God within me now. So long as I stay on the path and remember, so long as I don’t take the credit, the road is long, wide and open.

It is up to this one to stay open and let the light in. It is up to him to stay true. Being in love is the key to the door, and staying in love with all is the doorway. There is not other, there is nothing else, there is nothing. It is all one, all the same and the wind is blowing gently now, gently and firmly, unrelenting and peaceful.

Be the wind. Always be the wind.


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