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Monday, April 04, 2005

It is said there is a giant slab of quartz crystal lying under San Miguel de Allende. I don’t know a lot about crystals, so can’t comment on the significance of that. All I know is that something incredible is happening here.

Just over six weeks ago I decided to move here and facilitate The Work for a while. The money I had was all but gone and I came across this town full of Americans, Europeans and assorted foreigners and thought, ‘This place is a gold mine!’ I then spent two weeks in Mexico City, consolidating friendships, making new ones and attending a couple of invaluable workshops. Oh, and I guess I did a bit of sightseeing too. Finally, with a newfound focus on prosperity, I moved to San Miguel four weeks ago.

You know, if things transpired according to plan life would have no mystery, no excitement. And things, of course, have not transpired according to plan. I love it!

In four weeks I’ve put out 200 flyers and around as many business cards, and have so far accumulated one regular client. I’ve had one other person pay me to do The Work with them and another pay my to read their Tarot.

And yet to say I haven’t been prosperous would be denying the richness of the environment I’m living in. I’ve also had countless free meals, an amazing bodywork session and been given two beautiful framed pictures to hang in my room. I am living in an apartment block with some amazing people and it seems almost daily I am meeting more. The birds are chirping and my father has given me work to do on the ‘net – Australian dollars last a lot longer than pesos. And now there is a chance I could be moving into a place that could double as an office and still be paying the same low rent that currently gives me a room with shared facilities.

Life is good here. And somehow I am keeping so busy that I wonder where too much more work would fit in. And I’m writing for the local newspaper and that’s fun too.

And it is good to settle for a while. Five months of traveling is enough for me for now. San Miguel has found me and it is time to become a part of a place again, to ground myself, to belong. So far the firm arms of San Miguel have welcomed me warmly, made me feel at home.


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