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Sunday, September 25, 2005

This trip is such a gift! It has taken my mind to the places it didn’t want to go, and shown me not only how few of them there are, but also how easy they are to overcome.

In essence, it has all boiled down to relationships: relationships I was uncomfortable with and relationships I was uncomfortable without. The same thing really, only seen from different perspectives. And in this moment, as the cicadas begin to chirp on this grey-pink evening, I find myself feeling as comfortable as ever with all the relationships that come to mind.

What happened? I came home. Not just physically, but mentally as well. I found that none of these relationships exist outside of me, and I came to see that every single ‘problem’ was nothing but a misperception on my part. I read between the lines when there was nothing there. There never is – that’s what empty spaces are for: nothing. I collated assumptions into stories and wrote a work of fiction.

And now the truth has come. The truth turns out to be love. The confusion came because I didn’t think I could love some people the way I love others. It turns out that not only is this untrue; it is impossible. I don’t love E any more than someone I believe has slighted me. I can’t. It is all the same, and love is the constant, for love is eternal.

And this is the thing: love is eternal, it knows no bounds or limitations. The human form is limited and is therefore not of love. It is not even E I love! Love is the space between us and it is so easy to enter when we share it. I do not love, for ‘I’ do not exist in love. Love simply is, and it is this understanding that we are coming to live in together.

It is such a beautiful thing, eternity.


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