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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Only this

There is a deep, unalterable peace at the heart of all this, and it is eternal. Nothing else exists. Everything else is the dream.

Oh, what a dream. It has taken me so many places. So many more places than this body has been. It has been in outer space; under sea; it has delved deep into the past and projected far into the future. It has been quite a creative affair.

And now this. The empty eternity of peace. Just for an instant, a glimpse. And a glimpse is enough to remind me – for now – of what I have always known: none of this is real. I fell asleep and dreamt of many things, and when I awake everything will be as it always was. Eternity.

A hornet awakes and tries to escape through the thick glass, and I see that’s what I’ve been trying to do all this time. Such an open space, and I keep beating my head against the glass. No wonder I’m sore, no wonder I suffer. The freedom is everywhere, and I keep searching for the pain.

Today I take direction. From now, I take direction. Those simple directions faded in the fog, and today the sky is clear and the signposts loom large: Do this; do nothing; now, do this. Breathe. Reflect – not too long! Be! See. Watch.

And I do, and there is nothing for my mind to think about, and this is peace. There is nothing to do right now but this. Nothing to be. Only this.

And I watch. And I am reminded to play. I am reminded that there is nothing important, nothing to frown about, that there never was a reason to take life – anything – seriously. And I recall seeing me frown and finding how funny that was. And I am relaxed. I am home. For this instant, I am home.


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