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Monday, January 23, 2006

The other side of peace

My freedom lies on the other side of peace. Somewhere, through that dark emptiness, in a place I haven’t had the courage to go, lies my freedom. Somewhere over there, all is limitless and we are one and this never happened. Somewhere.

Whoever wrote Somewhere Over the Rainbow was onto something. Listen to the lyrics – it’s somewhere beyond peace, is what they’re talking about.

At the moment it’s only glimpses. Glimpses of how it could be always – how it is always – and glimpses of how to get there. At the moment, peace is a meditative exception; when I have broken through, peace becomes the humdrum norm – unshatterable, unbreakable.

For now it is easy to break and so am I. For now I have more work to do. For now my job is to be this and to experience pain and to suffer and inflict suffering on others. That is my job, as little as I might like it.


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