Keep it simple, silly

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Piece by piece; moment by moment; step by step. Process. It’s all a process, and this is but a step within it, just another moment. A collection of moments in an instant, and here I am. No pain in the moment, only in the story, and boy, there’s so many stories – building, accumulating, dominoing, growing. Storytime is here again, and there is peace in this moment without it. Peace for a moment, an instant.

You see, I saw the Buddha on the road and I didn’t kill him. Wish I did now, and slowly I am strangling him. Slowly I am learning not to know again. Slowly I am beginning to understand nothing. Slowly the fog lifts and I see again. And then blindness sets in and it hurts all the more, because I saw the Buddha.


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