Keep it simple, silly

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

With home heading straight at me now, I see it all unfold. Now I know the game that has been playing me, and it meets me with understanding while I flail about in frustration at having missed the obvious for so long. A pawn diving back into the action after a brief moment in the master’s hand, seeing the board with perfect overview vision.

It is a funny game, life. So funny to watch the players and their earnestness, none understanding that they’ve already won; none seeing that there is nothing to do but this. Nothing left but to watch and play. Billions of little children thinking the game is real; believing this is bad, that is good; pretending to understand and be grown up while feeling like little children lost in a man’s world.

This isn’t a man’s world. It’s not even a world. This isn’t anything but a chance to see what this looks like. And we’re all doing such a perfect job at finding out. You may be right, you may be wrong, you may be mistaken: it doesn’t matter, it’s all absolutely perfect.


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