Keep it simple, silly

Monday, February 27, 2006


The room upstairs is tidy. That makes every room in the house – bar the junk room – manageable. The junk room – or grain room – is next; it is inevitable. So much has been thrown out of this place in the past four months and still there remain piles upon piles of things that can’t possibly fit in the place we are building. Not to worry, the process is underway and it seems it has an unstoppable momentum now. Things leave the house so regularly that it has become commonplace. I so like emptiness, and it is true this prejudice of mine is affecting the nature of this home. There are empty spaces in every room now, where before there were none. There is clarity in emptiness: there is a sense of wholeness in it. An empty space is complete: it contains all the necessary components to make it empty. A cluttered space is more haphazard: it can never be completely full, and therefore resembles only noise. Yes, emptiness is far more whole than the attempt to fill it.


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