Keep it simple, silly

Friday, February 24, 2006


Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives. (ACIM Lesson 334) I love exploring forgiveness with kids, for they are so much easier to do it with. We may be no less childlike and innocent as adults, but in our quest to be so we often do a good job of covering it. Kids don’t pretend to be any older than they act, they don’t act any older than they feel. Adults are just children in grown bodies, and this deception of maturity does a great job of disguising our innocence.

And yet it is so obvious and clear that we remain babes in arms; frequently those who most disparage adults behaving like children are the most childlike. As is almost universally the case, that which we most despise is ourselves. I love that Hitler championed the big, blonde and blue-eyed when he was none of it. He looked at what he hated, saw himself, and persecuted it. He was merely in a better position to do so than most. There is simply no better way to look at ourselves than through our impression of another.


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