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Friday, February 17, 2006

In your dreams

I’ve been having a number of disturbing dreams lately, and one of the big things I’m taking from them is this lesson: forgiveness is realising that what you thought happened didn’t. The dreams are so vivid and ‘real’ and I get caught up in them despising adversaries; fearing assailants; and then I awake and laugh at how seriously I took myself, how deeply I feared. And this I can carry over to the apparent reality surrounding me in my ‘wakeful’ state. There is little difference.

It is said that all the characters in a dream are just different aspects of the one self, and that can easily be transferred to the waking dream we call life.

To be truly awake is to see that this too is a dream; that different aspects of the self are interacting in a play of consciousness, in an absurd theatre convincingly produced.


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