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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Have you ever been queasy? Ever seen something that made you grow faint and dizzy, your skin go all cold and clammy? Now think about this: all you did was see something. And from that your thinking told you a story about what you saw and ZAP! you're in faintland. How powerful the mind can be. And if the mind can do this in a moment – completely alter your experience – imagine what it can do over a lifetime. It is the cause of sickness, the cause of pain, of suffering. It is the cause of our very existence. Imagine being on top of it all; imagine no longer being controlled by something that would have you suffer. Who would you be without the mind?

This is worth pondering. Who would I be without the mind? I guess I would just be watching all this. I would see this body move, I would observe it interacting, and nothing would be personal. It would not be my body, it would just be a piece in the puzzle. Who would I be without the mind? How would I treat people without it? Kindly, I imagine. With love. I would see that they are just believing their thoughts – when they do – and therefore believing they actually are those bodies, when to me they’re all just part of the puzzle. When they’re all together as one they fit to make a perfect picture as one. Without the mind I could look at anybody and see myself reflected. Without the mind I would be free from believing anything mattered. Without the mind I would be unlimited, infinite, eternal.

Ooh, I like the thought of mindlessness! And there is the mind again.


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