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Sunday, February 05, 2006

One dimension short

Yesterday I saw that I only see in two dimensions. It is all a flat screen. Shadow, perspective, relative motion – the types of tricks that artists use – these are the things that give the impression of a third dimension. But when I look at something in front of me without a story of what it should be, what I notice is that it is flat. I remember learning in school that people with only one eye lack depth perception, because the second eye is what creates that impression. So if one eye cannot see in three dimensions, why would two?

So all is flat. It is just a screen. And the mystery deepens. Our senses help define our perceptions, and our perceptions define our thoughts. And all our senses are is an interpretation of our experience – a limited interpretation of what is around us. The sixth sense is the sense of time. We need that for it to make any sense at all. So our thoughts are the result of an interpretation (perception) of an impression (senses). Not a very solid foundation on which to base everything we think we know now, is it?

It’s just a flat screen. Try it for yourself. Take away your beliefs about each of the things that tell you it is in three dimensions – and watch. No story, just ‘I don’t know what this is.’ See? It is just a screen.

And what does this mean? Who knows? It could mean anything, it could mean nothing. It is just a simple observation that nothing is what it seems. And that could take you all sorts of interesting places.


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