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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Peace or something like it

Is this peace? A warm feeling in my heart, no urgency to do anything, surrounded by emptiness. Is this peace or something else? It is said that true peace can be found anywhere – in the middle of a war zone, in prison, in a packed subway – for true peace is a state of mind, not a situation. At the moment I am alone and I know the feeling I have now does not stay with me constantly, so is this true peace or fools peace? It is possible that the uninitiated – such as myself – need to be given some glimpses in order to appreciate its value, and an ‘artificial’ environment such as this is a good opportunity. I have attained nothing, only been given an experience to savour and the guidance to allow it into my life more and more if I choose. It is the only choice, after all: peace or no.

When so many choices, options, alternatives appear before me that they bewilder and confound, it is a sign that I have chosen against peace. This is clear, for there is no peace in confusion. When every step seems guided, when everything falls into place, I am choosing peace. And this is the only decision I ever need make. In this moment, I know what I prefer.

There is so much warmth in this feeling, so much love. Why would I not choose it? I guess sometimes I just want to be in control; I suppose I still think I have some.


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