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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Snow! The red barn roof is now white. And a nosebleed – the white nose is now red! It all comes around in the end, I guess. And it’s so nice to be in this whiteness once again. It’s a powdery whiteness today. Not too thick and still settling, with the promise of more to come. It’s so exciting, snow, because you can have no idea how long it will hole you up, how much of an impact it will have. All you can do is gaze upon its beauty and be thankful you’re inside, unlike those little birds fluttering about and, I believe, Kiki the cat, who braved the whole night through out there somewhere.

Outside it is white and black and grey. The only colour the orange tape on the end of a pole and the green gate – a green and white gate today. The trees are black and white, the barn is grey and white and the sky is a light grey, producing snowflakes for us obligation free. And the snow comes down again as hard as it has all morning – gentle and determined. Not the floating drops of a flurry – these ones are heading straight for the ground, like the snow on the surface is a magnet for them.


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