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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Too strong?

E said it's possible to be 'too strong.' What does that mean? Too strong. I agree that it's possible to be in denial of your vulnerability, but is that a strength? Not in my experience. That's exactly where the cracks form. That's where you get broken every single time.

It is one of the many great ironies: the more vulnerable I become, the stronger I get. When I am completely vulnerable, I am untouchable - like air. You just move through me - nothing you can do can touch me because I let you right in and you keep on swinging all the way back out the other side, and still you haven't touched a thing: hot air and whistles, punches flying at nothing.

And yet air can be so powerful: hurricanes and bushfires come to mind. Yes, complete vulnerability is the greatest strength - and is that too strong? I don't know.


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