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Monday, March 06, 2006

Alone with my thoughts

I am affected only by my thoughts. (ACIM Lesson 338) My thoughts create my reality. There is no other way. My thoughts have taken me here, to Floyd, Virginia: land of snow and rain and forests; home of hippies; place of peace, just like any other. I am dreaming a wonderful dream, and it only gets better the more I choose the thoughts I would believe.

I believe I am successful; I believe I am entitled to all that is given me; I believe I have earned it; I believe my life is wonderful; I believe I have been incredibly fortunate; I believe that I am home; I believe I can go anywhere, as on a whim; I believe I am respected; I believe people want to know me; I believe I am prosperous; I believe in my total abundance.

Life isn’t too hard when you realize it is affected only by your thoughts. Change those thoughts and anything is possible.

I have lived so long as a victim that I know that thought world well: people are out to get me; I can’t make ends meet; I need to be better; I need to be right; I need to impress; I need to be cool; life is hard; the world is cruel; people can be mean; it’s not fair; you can’t trust anyone. Oh yes, I know these ones well – learned them off by heart. And I don’t want them anymore, don’t believe them, don’t believe in them. They are fading, and taking their place is a brand new beautiful world, indescribable and amazing. This is what I would choose.

The mind is a funny thing: we are born without thinking, and then the first thought comes, and then, some time later, we let our thoughts control us. They would repress us, victimize us, threaten us and abuse us; they would tell us what to believe and somehow we succumb to them and suffering inevitably follows. And yet there was a time before our first thought and we did fine without it.

My thoughts are for me to choose from; they do not control me. I refuse to be a victim anymore.


Blogger Jade said...

Yay for Jamie! It's so good to take back the power with your thoughts...negative views are so seductive yet so repressive...such a waste for a beautiful mind that could be spending more energy thinking of wonder and joy...

1:18 am, March 07, 2006


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