Keep it simple, silly

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Free go

This is not about getting rid of the ego; it is about recognizing its presence. Getting rid of the ego is like letting go of thoughts: impossible, completely back-to-front. Thoughts let go of me once I’ve looked into them; the ego gets rid of me once I’ve seen how silly it looks. The ego hates looking silly. And yet that’s what it is: silly, childish, immature, illogical. Innocent. It is its very innocence that underlies all this, for that is what it is attempting to hide in its desire to be strong and important. The poor thing is ashamed of its innocence – the very thing that would set it free. So there is nothing left to do but love the ego, adore its sinlessness – its innocence, and set that sweet, misguided child free.


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