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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Give it a rest

I let forgiveness rest upon all things. The key is in the word ‘rest’. It’s already there: leave it alone; don’t try to make something that isn’t there. Let forgiveness rest. I have been so busy trying to make things look like I think they should to see they’re already how they’re supposed to be. To let forgiveness rest is simply to see things in the light of truth: you are forgiven because it’s never been any different. Your sinlessness has always been guaranteed. You are, always have been and always will be innocent.

And sometimes when I attempt to negotiate the maze sprawled out across the floor, I lose sight of this. Sometimes, when I get stuck in the story of how I must clean it up, when I tell myself how much effort that will take, that’s when the ability to forgive is lost on me.

But it is not my job to forgive. Forgiveness rests. All I need to do is open to what has already happened. I let forgiveness rest.


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