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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I have been given an exercise to focus on a place in my life in as much detail as possible, and what it is showing me is how rich my life has been. For three consecutive days I have focused on another part of my life – another place – and it is filling up before my eyes. Every piece of experience, however mundane or painful or difficult it seemed at the time, is combining for the ultimate collage. My life is a collage, a tapestry of events and feelings, situations and emotions that unfolds perfectly to this point. It all makes complete, total sense now: not a single moment has been wasted. Not one.

Certainly, I have had myriad ideas how my life should look, and the reality may not fit all those images. But it is not my job to decide what this picture looks like. All I do is hold the brush and watch where it goes. More to the point, I am the brush; the artist holds me.

All around me are all the brushes that comprise the whole. There is nothing anywhere that is anything other than an artist’s tool, nothing that happens that is any more than a brush stroke. And in every moment, the masterpiece gets closer to completion.


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