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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Attention to softness

Yesterday I was self-absorbed and my world fell apart, crushed me. Today, the remnants of yesterday linger soberly while I take in all I learnt from the experience: being self-absorbed is failing to pay attention, and lack of attention leads to error; softness is forgiving, hardness is a shell – a protective coating that separates me from my environment. Two valuable lessons: attention and softness. Attention – or awareness – is what takes me home every time, it is being here for this – not lost in a world of my mind’s making. Softness is the vehicle for flow; softness lets this flow through me, me flow through this, and allows it all to join together as one gentle movement. Softness is receptivity. And receptivity and awareness are mutually dependent upon one another.

So what looked like two lessons was only one. Duality has no place here.


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