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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The heavy brow of boiling point

Today my brow is heavy and I have no idea what is holding it down. I find myself easily frustrated and sincere. I notice I am closed to love. No big deal, this is where I appear to be at for the moment. Let’s just experience this and see where it takes me. For I notice that when I judge it, it only escalates. When I tell myself this is not appropriate, the intensity increases to boiling point. I don’t enjoy boiling point, so why would I want to foster it? And when I sit here without judgement, just taking it in, the ‘problem’ dissolves. There is nothing left but a lonely furrowed brow, wondering why it no longer has company. When I don’t associate thoughts with my sensations, they necessarily lose their meaning. And I know this is basic stuff, but I can be so forgetful.

So what I have now is this: wonderment that I thought I was in a bad mood. The bad mood derived entirely from the thought that I was in one!

Ah, the world has become peaceful again. Hello world, it is good to be back!


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