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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


E teaches three girls about surface tension and five people learn something new. I love this homeschooling thing: such a wonderful opportunity for all to learn. Last night I walked around E with a globe so she could be the sun and see the impact she has on the Earth: day and night, winter and summer. And we know now that flowering plants came after dinosaurs, tetrapods are four-legged creatures, and animals got really big during the ice age. Oh, and they already knew about global warming in 1955 because we are still ending the last ice age. In 1955 they were predicting that New York City would end up 500 feet below the water sometime in the next couple of millennia. I love that global warming was inevitable, that we’re just speeding up the process. Technology is but another double-edged sword: it brings global warming forward and gives us tools to deal with it. Duality is but a collection of double-edged swords, one after the other stabbing ruthlessly in the dark.


Blogger Jade said...

Hello Jamie, you wonderful Blogger you! I hope you don't mind that I added you as one of my faveourite it's meant that you've been 'boarded' by some of my other faves and although I can tell that you're enjoying their loveliness I still think I should have asked you.

1:08 am, April 06, 2006

Blogger Jamie said...

Hey Jade,

That's okay, I never asked you whether you'd mind me adding you either!

Happy blogging!!

12:56 pm, April 06, 2006


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