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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Life as meditation

I think I would like for life to become my meditation, to be present at every opportunity. I think I would like ‘not me’ to represent me always. I would like to dissolve into space, like dust, and let that space represent me instead. Ah, that feels peaceful; so steady and simple.

The butterfly fluttering by has no need for anything other than what this moment provides, nor does the rosebush budding beside me, or that bumblebee buzzing indiscriminately, or the bird perched upon the fence. Presence is all they have. Presence is all.

These are my teachers: birds, bees, butterflies and bushes, blades of grass and the wind that whooshes. If I open my eyes, that’s all I see: myriad teachers explaining to me how it works, how it is, how I am in all this. Learning is looking, that is all: paying attention to the details so small. When I think for myself I am lost, so confused; when I see just one self, I cannot be refused.

And two butterflies intertwine in a dance we call life.


Blogger Will said...

Yes, and at the same time, no. We should be willing to not know, to not have to be too pure or spiritual. Ultimately you can't be dualistic about duality! We belong and we don't. We know and we don't know. We perceice seperation and things appear to be things, so that is what truth is for us at the moment. It is nonsense to tell yourself otherwise. That's like telling yourself a knife is a flower and wondering why your nose is bleeding when you try to smell it. All appearances are as they appear to be. No more, no less. Where they come from or what they're made of no-one can say.

Animals and insects aren't so sorted. That's just projection. The animal kingdom is a struggle for survival, evolution and natural selection. Even birdsong, appearing so beautiful to us, is in fact the declaration of rivalry, competitiveness, desire and fear.

Sorry to contradict you and seem so negative, I have to play devil's advocate sometimes!

3:59 pm, April 04, 2006

Blogger Will said...

Ha! For all my knowledgeability I spelt "perceive" and "separation" wrong! That'll teach me not to be so smart!

4:28 pm, April 04, 2006


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