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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Nothing or everything?

This is what happens when I let thought get in the way.

While innocently following the simple directions, everything is straightforward, everything makes sense, and nothing is too difficult. The moment I try to take control, run my own life and direct it the way I think it should go, the burden becomes unmanageable. Weighed under by expectation, complicating everything to the nth degree, I am all of a sudden overwhelmed.

What would I choose? I can attempt to think my way through this and dig myself deeper into the quagmire, or I can let go, surrender and trust. It is only a choice between faith and faithlessness. And faithlessness is, after all, merely faith in nothing. So what would I choose to have faith in? Nothing or everything? The answer ought to be clear, yet so often the clouds are thicker than whipped cream. And that would be butter!


Blogger Jade said...

You know that nursery rhyme 'row, row, row your boat'? When I was little I thought it went, "life is buttered dreams"...I can relate so well to this post tonight Jamie, I've been trying to push away my simple heartfull answers in favour of my cynical ones...the sad thing is my belief that this cynisism is my protector rather than the life killer I really know it to be...

10:40 am, April 02, 2006

Blogger suze said...

I was playing in an impromptu game of soccer/hackysack inside a friend's house with two guys the other night, and I think because I became an object of scrutiny, being a girl who is quite good at all things co-ordinating with eyes, they could tell when I was thinking about the shot/kick/but/ball because I nearly always missed it, messed it up. But it's also the practice, the years of every kind of sport that allowed this experience to become semi-conscious, reflexive. The purposeful hours upon hours of throwing a tennis ball up in the air and catching it, passing the time, playing on my own. sigh..

9:25 am, April 09, 2006


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