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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Simple directions

So it appears the name of this blog has changed. J’s World had some limitations, primarily: 1) it kept me in and of this (or, at the very least, a) world; and 2) it made my world separate from yours. This is J’s world, that is yours and, well, that’s basically it. A great way to remain in the illusion of separation.

So it came to me to change it. And naturally, the idea to change it came before the rationale. And as all good things that come to me seem to do, it came in the form of a simple direction: “change your blog’s name to Simple Directions.” Okay. Who am I to argue?

The idea to do the blog in the first place was a simple direction; so was coming to Floyd; so was dancing in the place where I met E (the only band I took the time to stop and take in at FloydFest, having spent most of the time volunteering). All my travels – from the time I finished the School for The Work, through California to Mexico and back to the States again – were guided by simple directions. Even being with E was a simple direction: a week before I met her, the voice told me, “It’s time to get married,” and at FloydFest it advised me, “She’s here, and she will come to you.” And she did, though that may not precisely be her version of events.

Simple directions are my guide. They got me this far, and it’s probable they will take me further. Let’s see.


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