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Sunday, May 14, 2006


It rained. It really rained, and thunder and lightning joined it, and it was really quite spectacular. And not too much of our stuff got wet, which is good. And it’s Mothers Day and I haven’t gotten E a thing yet. And I’m sore and yesterday I felt sick and stayed in the tent most of the day and you’d think I would’ve gotten used to this camping business by now. And this morning the kids must have woken the whole campsite up and I noticed that I’m not very tolerant when that happens. And I’ve got itchy spots all over me. And the sun is out and people are waking now, and E is scratching her ear, and it really feels as though there is nothing to say.

I haven’t poked my head outside the tent yet. Early yesterday morning there was a beautiful mist lifting from the lake. Both mornings I have heard geese and other birds, and then the people awake and the music starts and I can’t hear anything but that. Where do the animals go? How do they deal with all these gatecrashers? If animals invaded our homes like this we’d have them eradicated. It hardly seems fair, does it? How did we ever become so arrogant?


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