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Friday, May 12, 2006

Joining the dots

Early morning stirrings outside of Asheville and another wet festival weekend is about to commence. At my last wet festival weekend I met E, so I have no call for it to dampen my spirits. My clothes, yes; our tent, yes; but not my spirits. We’re going to the Lake Eden Arts Festival, a quaint little folky festival around a lake in this North Carolina cultural hub.

I love this country for its fullness. There is something for everyone here – culturally, socially, politically, geographically – there is a home in this nation somewhere for almost anyone. And in this moment it feels as though I have found mine: beautiful family in the hills in a place called Floyd. Floyd! If this didn’t make my friends laugh when they first heard it, they missed an opportunity; Pink Floyd being so central to my life for so long ‘n’ all.

Oh, the twists a life endures. I notice so often that a conversation, a chance incident, serves as preparation for the real thing a little later. It’s like it’s all already happened, and then in this life it all gets pieced together in a pattern that is nowhere near as chaotic as it appears. And it seems to me that if eternity – all time – exists, then there is no other choice than for everything to have already happened: it all exists within eternity somewhere. What looks like life is merely joining the dots.


Blogger ramo said...

Human mind always tries to find a pattern even when there is none. Anyway, I have also felt many times as if there is something called destiny. But these are probably bubbles in the realm of human emotion which constantly rise up, then burst and rise up again.

7:23 am, May 14, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your courage and honesty and what looks like optimism..or is it faith..whatever I love it ! MUM

10:45 pm, May 14, 2006


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