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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Let peace reign

When I look at this without a story, all I see is people doing their best. E and I are doing our best, and somewhere out there someone is doing what they think is best too. It is no different. All that differs – as ever – is our perception of the situation, and I can no more attack someone for their perception than I can attack a shadow for following me.

All that ever happened was a thought. The thought was believed and they acted upon it and here we are. Defensiveness will only help validate that thought, and validating a thought is of no help to anybody. Love, compassion, forgiveness do not validate thoughts; they dispel them, demonstrate how it never really happened.

My reality is my creation. I can choose to be the victim and play roles of defense and attack, or I can choose peace and the empowerment that comes with that. Peace tells me that someone out there is fearful, and while one fearful person remains, peace cannot reign. To be the victim is to be that person, and that is not my choice. My choice, instead, is to reach out in gratitude to the one who would show me where my fear still lies, where my work remains undone.

The time has come to let peace reign. Thank you, anonymous friend, for bringing me to this awareness.


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