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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Loose ends

In the silence, what have I found? I have found that my mind is seldom silent: that it takes me on incomplete journeys, never leaving anything wholly done. It does this in the silence, and I see its manifestations around me in this process I would call life. Loose ends surround me, and inevitably I would prefer to start another thread rather than finish one off.

Loose ends are burdensome. Too many together and they form a clutch of nasty knots. Unravelling them then becomes the task and they remain undone, incomplete. Loose ends…

Wholeness comes from completion, from finishing things off. There may be no end to eternity, but what has a beginning necessarily needs an end. That is the lot of this plane. Leaving things undone here keeps me from the eternal, for I am stuck between a beginning and an end – the antithesis of eternity. On the other side of the end it lies, and all needs to be finalized before it opens to me.

So it is time now to finish things off. If I started it, I must end it. This is follow-through, focus; discipline in action. Completion comes through perseverance. Totality is the intention.


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