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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Manifest, oh!

No rain yet, only sun and cold, cold nights. I guess you just gotta expect it to get cold beside a lake in the mountains.

It seems half the Floyd community is here, and we’ve got a prime location together just by the main stage, behind some vendors’ stalls – which, again seem to be occupied by half the Floyd community: Shanti’s beautiful bowls at Little River Turning, Eli’s amazing glass creations at Inner World Glass, and Pat and Dave’s jewelry at Earth Dance Jewelry. They’ll be making our wedding rings. And not too far away, Billy sells his flutes.

I am surrounded by creativity in Floyd, and I recall this is exactly what I asked for about two years ago when Dharmananda briefly decided they didn’t want me anymore. I decided then that I still wanted to live in community, and I wanted to find somewhere more creative. Floyd is it! It is certainly a community, though not intentional as Dharmy was, and there is creativity everywhere: E’s Shamvara pillows, her mother’s florist shop and all the cute creations she makes, my boss A and her unique fashions, The Sun Music Hall that I purport to run, Kusun and Solazo – who I’m supposed to be helping M manage, and all the other venues that dot this little town, population 432.

I asked for creativity and got it, I asked for family and grounding and got it, I asked for a mutually loving relationship and got it. What more could I want? Now what beckons seems to be prosperity. Just like before, I have no idea how, or what it will look like. All I have is the faith that I get what I ask for, and the evidence to back it up. Let’s see where this journey leads.

Manifestation is so exciting to watch!


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