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Friday, June 16, 2006

Light - Weight

I sit here, alone, with the house to myself for three days. A wonderful opportunity to regroup my thoughts and rediscover the lightness that I once knew so well. There is a heaviness I have found I associate with relationship, with family. Maybe it comes from a perceived burden of responsibility; maybe it comes from a belief that I need to take such things seriously. I don’t know. I have simply noticed the weight where once I had feathers to fly.

And I do not know what this means. It is just an observation. To prefer one to the other is to judge, and I am not in a legitimate position to take on such a responsibility. Which, of course, is not to say that I don’t.

And there it is! This is where the perceived burden of responsibility begins: judging against it. The ego’s a tricky little bugger, isn’t it? It makes something seem real, then judges against it; sets itself up to fail, then bemoans the lost opportunity. Cleverness is its trait, as is the pride that it derives from it.

I’ll take understanding and humility instead, thank you. That is where the lightness lies, where peace dwells.


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