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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One leg out of the petri dish

Well, we seem to have made it through Armageddon relatively unscathed – just as we did 1000 years ago and 1000 years before that. So much significance people place on dates, and they’re entirely arbitrary. We’ll attempt to make a system out of anything if we can; try to make sense out of chaos; attempt to find order in insanity.

Why? There is a perfect order to everything, but it is beyond numbers and theories. Eternity does not need a system; it is the system. The infinite cannot be enumerated, so why bother trying?

It is so easy to get caught up in the ways of the world, when the world does not have a way. It is just a great petri dish spinning around a light bulb. Imagine bacteria attempting to make sense of their situation: do you think their behaviour would change once they realized their population would explode then die out? No. They’d just make a few ineffective attempts to stem the flow, debate the possibilities; conclude the worst; conclude the best; breed and breed and breed, and then die out.

And would life then be over? Of course not. How can the eternal die?

This really is not what it looks like, and that is why it doesn’t make sense. Recognise the insanity and that’s one leg out of the petri dish.


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