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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The paradigm of paradox

The sun where once were clouds does shine. Two knees raised, notebook in the lap thus formed. Interplay of light and shadow on sheets. Contrast.

Without light there is no shadow. The shadow the Yin to the light’s Yang. Perhaps. Nothing exists without contrast, without something to compare it to. Duality is the source of existence.

It is like giving a baby a mirror and showing it that the image in the mirror is itself. An amazing moment, the moment the baby begins to exist in separation.

No lap without the knees. First the thought, then the image. All arising and passing away.

Nothing and everything, this and that, you and me: none can exist without the other. It all started with a thought, ‘I am…’ No start without an end.

Chicken and egg. Which came first is not important, what is important is that it came. No coming without going. No existence without death. No story without an ending.

No way home, for home was never left.


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