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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Top of the morning meanderings

Top of the morning meanderings. I notice that I would rather close my eyes and drift than pick up these pages and write. I often approach these writings with a sense of trepidation: what am I going to write today? I have nothing to say. It often takes me a while to allow the pen to take over and say what it has to say. While I think it is I who needs to have something to say, the task is a difficult one.

I remember someone once saying that writing a blog about your philosophy of life would take about two or three entries and then it would be over. I recall someone else saying that’s what I do here. And I wonder. To me, little of this is philosophy. Philosophy is questioning, theorizing, arguing. Philosophy assumes there is an answer that can come from its questions. Thousands of years of questions and it still makes this fundamentally flawed assumption.

The ideas presented here are not new; I would never claim that. Nor – to me – are they theories. They are based on experience, or come from a hand that is not guided by me. And the words I read when I’m done reflect those of people who know the experiences that are written about. No, there is nothing new here, nor nothing personal about the philosophy.

Leave the new thoughts – if there are any – to the philosophers. I’ll take the wisdom of the masters instead. No questions, no doubts; no question, no doubt.


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