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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dancing the night away

A cool, light breeze sweeps the clouds away and reveals the blue of a brand new day. Movement has commenced around the FloydFest site and I am again the last one out of the tent.

We had a late one last night – it's our anniversary. Anniversaries, actually: a year since we met and a month since we got married. We met dancing early Sunday morning at FloydFest last year, and we danced until early Sunday morning once again this time around.

And boy, we danced. I used to do a radio show on Melbourne's PBS FM with a guy called Big Al Watts. He called it Blewz Blast and loved playing what he termed 'ball-tearers' and 'ass-rippers'. It was rough and heavy white boy blues, the type that causes your body to move involuntarily with its driving rhythms.

Well let me tell you, the Lee Boys just stole it back. Smoother than a bowling ball and just as hard, the Lee Boys pumped out two non-stop hours of high octane rhythm and blues that self-started every engine in the room. It was exhausting.

These boys have taken down and dirty rhythm and blues and pimped it up. They've given it style, injected some black magic, and turned it into an experience that no mere white boy could hope to reproduce.

What a way to celebrate an anniversary! Thank you Lee Boys, for the sore legs and the ringing ears.


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