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Saturday, July 08, 2006


A headache overcame me yesterday, today still pinging me with occasional remnants. A sickness has spread stomachwards, and a general irritability outwards. There is also a tiredness, like exhaustion.

I would like to think this is some kind of bug, and maybe it is. But I can sense that similar experiences haven’t proved so debilitating in the past, and it occurs to me that at least on some level I’m doing this to myself.

I think maybe all this immigration business, the idea that we need to move house within a month when neither place appears anywhere near ready for it, that we’ve just bought a car that we’re already considering selling, that we’re recently married, that I don’t feel as though I’m getting results at work: I think that maybe all this is beginning to have an impact.

So what do I do? Savour the headache? Enjoy this moment? I guess if I look at this right now - man at computer – there isn’t a problem. Looking at this right now, I see that everything that’s stressing me is a story of the past or future. I don’t know if it’ll help the headache, but at least I can see that in this moment there is nothing more to this than this.


Blogger Jade said...

A bath, some lavender oil, a cup of chammomile tea and a headrub from your dearest much better...

6:13 pm, July 08, 2006


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