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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Interdependence Day

The cow came back this morning. Yesterday our landlady took her across the road to spend some time with the herd – and specifically the bull – there. This morning I stepped out the front door to find a giant turd just off the porch. My immediate reaction was, ‘How did the cow get there yesterday?’ Then it slowly clicked that she didn’t. So I guessed that Shanti – the cow that stayed behind – had gotten out. They were calling to one another so much after they were split yesterday that it seemed plausible. I went to check if she was still inside the fence, dodged a couple more fresh turds on the way, and there was Nandi sitting comfortably on this side of it with a look that said, ‘What’s the problem?’

Nandi is a big girl. When I first saw her I had to double check to see that she wasn’t actually a bull. I milked cows when I lived at Dharmananda, and my recollection is that it was relatively easy getting them up and moving them. Nandi was not agreeable to either. The gate was open in front of her, Shanti was just on the other side of it, and it seemed to me that Nandi had returned to be with her. But I guess fenceless freedom and a seat in the fresh grass were worth savouring for a bit.

But when that’s accompanied by a human pestering you it probably becomes a less attractive proposition. It seemed to do the trick anyway – eventually.

On Independence Day Nandi opted to return to interdependence. Even though she didn’t want to go through the gate, she chose to return to a place just beside it. Could it be that in celebrating independence that we are missing the point? Is it possible that independence is overrated?


Blogger Susan Livingston said...

Independence is not overrated. Ask any slave.

Last year on July 4th, we renamed this holiday Interdependence Day at because we felt dumb going around wishing people a happy day, like, "Have a nice da-ay!" Yet we felt bored and somewhat hypocritical celebrating a holiday whose meaning is no longer a matter of common agreement. So shall we wish one another a Happy Interdependence Day on July 4th?

But I try to keep all things in balance, and the counterweight to independence is autonomy, so I propose that January 4th - the opposite end of the calendar - be known henceforth as Autonomy Day. So shall we wish one another a Happy Autonomy Day on January 4th?

4:46 am, July 07, 2006

Blogger Jamie said...

Independence and freedom are very different things - ask any slave! Freedom day, now that's a day I could celebrate.

10:00 pm, July 08, 2006


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