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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Meaningless drivel

The door fades in and out, changes colour, becomes almost transparent – like I can see the holes between the molecules. Then the mind snaps back and says, ‘That’s a solid red door. Enough of that.’ And the door becomes red again, solid wood, impenetrable.

A warping door is interesting, but ultimately meaningless. Eyes playing tricks, maybe. Or not. Doesn’t matter, the meaning lies beyond – on the other side of the door. And the meaning that lies there is essentially that there is none. There is nothing to look for as the cracks open up, the stars but holes in the fabric that reveal the light behind it.

Meaning only has a place here, when we think it could be important. Meaning gives us a reference, something to tie us down to time and place, to give us a reason to exist. And yet there remains a reason that the search for meaning is so elusive. There is none. God’s little game with Himself does not need meaning. God’s little game with Himself just is.

There is no meaning and it does not matter. Play!


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