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Friday, July 28, 2006

No drama

In Australia we have an expression, “No drama,” which roughly translates to other colloquialisms like “No worries” and “She'll be right.” Here I sit for my first opportunity for a break on the official first day of FloydFest, and I'd have to say we've had our fair share of dramas. We had two medical emergencies and an arrest yesterday, and the festival hadn't even begun!

I'm fortunate enough to be working in the office, which is the hub for the entire event. I get to see it all: I got to transport one of the medical emergencies to the ambulance, was point of contact with the US Marshals and have been right in the middle of a lot of action. I'm loving it!

There is something about having all of this drama going on around me that helps put everything in perspective. I get to be the observer, I get to be the one who sees that there really is no such thing as a problem. I get to be the one who translates that to the person who thinks there is.

I notice that when there isn't any drama around me that I make some. I find something to get upset about, something to take seriously, and I make it my own. Then I think there's a problem; and what I also notice is that if I think there is a problem when there really isn't one, that I've got the perfect ingredients for insolubility.

No problem! No drama.


Blogger Jade said...

My dad always said "no wuckin furries!"

5:35 pm, July 29, 2006


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