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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


My eyes close and I struggle in the search for something to write. A short story awaits editing beside me. I started on it last night, but sleepiness prevailed. It’s amazing how many changes become apparent after a few weeks. When I wrote it I thought it was largely sound, but now it seems very much like a rough draft.

I have to admit I like writing better when it’s easy, when it just comes to me. The story was more like an assignment – not something I’d normally write – and tough to get through. It was a good exercise, though. It showed me how the story writes itself if you have the basic ingredients – in this case a situation.

I’ve shied away from writing stories since I was at school. I remember writing one but being told it was predictable. Looking back, I think it was just poorly written, because it was anything but predictable. That was enough to put me off, though. A lack of confidence doesn’t need much to be convinced.

It’s funny, because I was a good story writer for while there at school. Again, I’d just need to be given the ingredients and the story would follow naturally. I already knew this!

Maybe I should start taking story submission: give me the ingredients and I’ll see what I can come up with. Hmm, looks like the elements of a new blog could be brewing.


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