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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time for a change

Another Sunday. They just keep piling on top of one another like cards in a game of Snap.

Maybe weeks should be longer: add an extra day or two. I like the idea of a nine-day week. Seven is too messy: a prime number, indivisible. And too short: give The Beatles a chance to love me eight days a week. With nine days, they can even have a day off loving me and maybe love you instead.

And I have a proposal for having more hours in the day. I hear too often how if only there were more hours in the day… Well, look at this: twenty seconds is nothing, right? Easy to miss. So, if we chop 20 seconds off each minute, then we’ll find ourselves with a 32-hour day. Just think: eight hours work, eight hours sleep, and still 16 hours to play with!

And with the nine-day week we could have a three-day weekend and then still only have to work seven hours a day. It just keeps getting better!

I think we should start a campaign to change time. It’s old and stale the way it is.

Are you with me?


Blogger m.Jacke said...

With you!


2:16 pm, July 15, 2006


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